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All About HoneyGirl

My name is Amber Mitchell, owner and founder of HoneyGirl Skincare. My family and I have struggled with sensitive skin for years and couldn't seem to find products that were best for us. In 2019, I started experimenting with the honey soap bars when my youngest brother had a bad eczema flare up. From there, HoneyGirl Skincare went from just being a hobby, to helping my family to being an eco-friendly skincare business providing skincare for all skin types and conditions. Through my products, I teach people about sustainability, different species of bees, and how to plant pollinating gardens for bees.

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About HoneyGirl Skincare Products

HoneyGirl Skincare product are all natural honey base products that cater to all skin types and skin conditions hand-made in Detroit Mi. All product are safe for face hair and body use.

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  • "Girl let me tell you about this Strawberry Cheesecake butter!!!! I initially bought it for the scent but BAY BAYYY I FINALLY found something to keep my Sahara desert skin moisturized! I'm so mad I didn't buy more than one! I need these on reserve lol the best part about the scent is that it smells like REAL strawberry, not artificial."

  • "i picked up some of this intensive oatmeal butter last week to help with some hormonal/seasonal dry skin patches that i had been trying to tame for WEEKS. i used this butter once and the inflammation calmed down. i now use it all over my body every day and HIGHLY recommend"

  • "my partner and i stopped in rust belt a couple of weekends ago and we picked up some of the body butter (intensive care is the name i believe) and one of the oat shampoo bars... let me tell you this - I have tried for YEARS to get rid of what I thought was dandruff.. literally everything and it was such an insecurity of mine. I have used this bar 3 washes so far and IT IS GONE! I can shake my hair vigorously and NOTHING! I will preach these products to everyone i know lol i have been using it on my face in the shower too and it's been so nice!"